I’ll confess, we never ate pork meat growing up because we never really liked its flavor. However, after I moved to Italy, I became keenly aware that Italian sausage and other types of pork meat was my destiny, there was no escaping =) …..and now I actually love Italian sausage!

So what was I to do when a friend passed by and gave us 5 pounds of freshly butchered pork meat? Her husband raises the animals and then has the slaughter house provide him the meat. I’m telling you, it’s as fresh as it gets! The meat didn’t even smell “porky” =) So when she walked in with all that meat, I knew I was making pork for lunch. So I started with the chops……



Here, I am marinating them with……..

-Bay leaves

-2 TBSP olive oil

-1 cup of wine

-5 garlics (diced)

-A few rosemary springs

-1\4 cup of balsamic vinegar

I left the chops to marinate only an hour because it was already getting close to lunch time, but you can leave them longer if you like.


Then I placed them on my stove top grill on a low-mediun flame until the juices ran clear.

And this was the finished product….would you say not bad for the first time making pork chops? They were soooooo delicious! Give the recipe a try!


Buon appetito!

Wanita =)

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