After we bought our new couch, I couldn’t find the “right” cushions. So I decided to revamp the old ones I had!

I took the cushions out of the old covers they came in. And was able to make new cushions in less than a minute! If your cushions didn’t come with covers, no problem….you can use them anyway. Here’s how….

What you will need:

-1 square cushion

– Rectangular piece of fabric triple the length, and double the hight of the cushion, with no raw edges. (for example, if your cushion is 9 inches long, the fabric would need to be a total length of 27 inches…..if the height of the cushion is 9 inches as well, then the fabric should be at least 18 inches high) 

-1 to 2 strong rubber bands


Lay out your piece of fabric, wrong side up, and place your cushion in the center


Next, fold the edges back in a bit and bring up the bottom and top sides towards the center



Now, gather the left and right sides towards the center (like making a ponytail)….sorry for the blurry picture!


Next, tie the fabric together with a rubber band at least twice.


Ok, now take the excess fabric on the left side and slide the fabric through (not all the way though) one of the bands to make a “bow”.


Do the same for the right side.


Now just fluff out the bow and ends and there you have it! And the beautiful thing is, when you want to wash them, just undo the rubber band! Or if you get tired of the same pattern, just grab another piece of fabric. Your guests will be amazed =) =)

Happy cushion revamping!

Wanita =)