cucina siciliana cover

Ciao Everyone!

I am so excited to announce my new eBook filled with authentic Sicilian recipes! When I mean authentic, I mean authentic! Being married to a Sicilian and living in Sicily, it’s no wonder I decided to create a cookbook filled with delicious recipes for you to try. If you happen to be of Sicilian heritage, perhaps you remember your grandmother talking about some of these? Well, here they are!

Now I know there are a million cookbooks online, so why should you buy this one? Because it’s authentic! These recipes were demonstrated and given to me by my elderly neighbor, my mother-in-law, and friends here in Sicily. Recipes passed down from generations, and some of which they have never shared with anyone outside Sicily!

I know you will enjoy these as much as I have. And really, it’s only 99 cents =)

All recipes are made from fresh, healthy ingredients which you will find so common in Old World cooking. In the book, I also share some of my own cultural food experiences along with tips and tricks for cooking. If you would really like a sample of old world cooking, then I think this cookbook is for you.


Buon Appetito!