As we near the end of the summer here in Sicily, we also near the end of the proverbial Sicilian summer breakfast…..the granita! The granita isn’t like anything you’ve ever tasted. It’s crushed ice that is churned and added to an assortment of natural flavors of your choosing…..strawberry, almond, coffee, lemon, etc……optionally topped with the creamiest whipped cream called “panna” and served alongside a “brioche” (sweet bread) for dunking! Yes, you dunk bread into this icy treat =D

So to sadly bid adieu to summer here in Sicily, let me show you what real Sicilian Granitas look like! Here are just a few flavors found…..

granita5 Lemon

granita6 Cinnamon

granita2 Coffee

granita3 Pistachio! (oooh, one of my favorites!)

granita7 ……You can even ask to have the granita stuffed inside the brioche…..can you imagine? One of these puppies and you’ll have no room for lunch! =D

So ladies and gents, when in Sicily, be sure to have your summer granita…..every coffee bar will sell them and be sure to try all the flavors! And they are only about €1- €1,50 each!

Happy granita sampling!

Wanita =)


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