Ok…..you would think the end of the summer means the end of mosquito bites, right? Wrong! They are still here trying to get inside still-warm homes in an effort to flee cooler temperatures outside. So what’s a pregnant lady to do? I’m already dealing with pregnancy symptoms, and really don’t want to add itching bites to the list. So last week when one particular bite seemed to swell an inch high, I knew I needed something natural, but stronger than my usually solution of vinegar. When I talked to my dad, he recommended an old Mediterranean  trick…..garlic!……which I found worked wonderfully!

Cut a piece of garlic in half, and rub it directly on the bite……repeat several times when the itch starts to come back. You will notice the swelling will go down by the next day and will leave you with no red blotches. THE KEY IS NOT TO ITCH USING YOUR NAILS! Garlic has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and it was no surprise that it worked directly on these bites as well!

So give it a try! Hopefully, it will work for you too =)