revamp a lamp

Hi Everyone!

A long while back, as I revamped an old ugly brown table lamp I had. It was well beyond it’s beauty and I decided it needed a face lift =) It was so easy that I wanted to share it with you….you won’t believe how cute a simple lamp can turn out!

Here’s what you do:

decorate a lamp

1) Peel back (yes, carefully) the fabric covering the lamp. Use that as a template for the fabric you would like to cover the lampshade with, making sure you cut about an inch larger all the way around.

2) Then, using a sponge brush, mod podge the entire lampshade. Place one end of the fabric over the lampshade and come all the way around the lampshade, making sure you are smoothing out the fabric to eliminate any bubbles. Fold over the edges of the fabric all long the top and bottom lips of the lampshade. Let dry.

3) You can now glue any ribbon or embellishments like I did.

4) If you chose, you can paint the base of your lamp like I did using normal acrylic paint and a paintbrush. I painted three coats of red  to make sure the color was uniform (…of course allowing each coat to dry before proceeding with the next)

5) You can also insert a ribbon into a button hole, coming out through another hole, and tie the ribbon around the neck of the lamp.

The possibilities are endless…with a little effort, you can turn an ugly lamp into a cute treasure!

Happy lamp revamping,

Wanita =)

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