embroidery using ribbon

Hi Everyone!

I love ribbons…they are so versatile and you can do a million things with them. A while back, I started embroidering….I love the look. Since I enjoy all kinds of crafting and sewing, I thought I’d try something new with embroidery….using ribbons. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The look is gorgeous and makes a perfect wedding\baby gift or home decoration.

Now, here’s a super easy and simple way to embroider using ribbons….Maestro, the instructions please!

First, print or copy any template to embroider. Here, I am embroidering a verse in Italian and needed letters. So I printed a template of letters. Next, using white linen or non stretchy fabric, simply trace over your template in pencil.

embroidery using ribbon

Next, if you have a embroidery hoop, it will help keep the fabric nice and firm…however, I’ve done embroidery simply holding the fabric in my hand…so the choice is yours.

Cut a long piece of thin (1\8 inch) ribbon. Angle cut at one side to enable the ribbon to enter the eye of the needle. Thread the ribbon as you would using normal thread. Just remember that you will need a small embroidery needle…a normal sewing needle is too small. Start underneath the fabric and go up out of the fabric and back down again like you would sewing a simple hem. That’s it! Beautiful huh? =)

Ribbon embroidery makes the artwork pop out a bit more than embroidery thread due to the vibrant colors and texture of ribbons.

embroidery using ribbon

Happy ribbon embroidering!

Wanita =)

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