sicilian bread

Hi Everybody =)

Today we went to my in-laws for lunch, as we do most Sundays,  and of course my mother-in-law baked Sicilian bread in the wood oven she has. Being the bread lover I am, I had to share a picture with you. This bread is so aromatic and delicious…if only we had “smell-a-vision”!

My mother-in-law uses a starter passed down to her, so the bread is really outstanding. I wanted to share what typical Sicilian bread looks like for those of you who have never seen it, or perhaps have only heard of it. It’s crusty from the outside and dense from the inside, so it lasts longer (about 1 week) and stays fresher than most breads at room temperature.

If ever in Sicily, make sure to try authentic Sicilian bread (….bet it won’t be as good as my mother-in-law’s though….just kidding!)

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Wanita =)

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