I’ve finally come to the realization that I can’t haul every craft storage solution they sell at Michael’s or Joann’s in my suitcase every year when returning back to Italy. Neither could I afford every storage solution sold. So, after lots of trial and error, I’ve come up with some DIY solutions I find really practical….it has to be practical!…so that I can easily find my things when I need them. You would be surprised what you can come up with, while saving a LOT of money.

Check these out:

If you have dies, use a jewelry organizer! They have tons of pockets. I use the small pockets for mini\small dies, and the larger pockets at the bottom for the medium\big ones.


The same can be used for stamps =)


And I even have one for our screws, nuts, etc! Quite a feminine toolbox box, huh? Nice and pretty…..but my husband made me hang it behind the door, out of visible sight to any male who enters our house. (But really, he likes the idea that he doesn’t have to spend time looking for a particular screw!)


If you have paper piecings, loose stickers, or anything flat, use a photo album!


For paint tubes, use a shoe box! Yes, you can easily pull out any tube and insert it right back where you got it! Just shake up the paint before using =)


For storing small embellishments of any kind, use a revolving spice rack! I racked, and racked my brain trying to find a practical solution for my embellishments. Nothing worked. I finally invented something that I took a chance with…..after buying the supplies and hoping it would work, I finally found the perfect solution. Spice racks!


……(yes, I actually managed to pack two of my mom’s revolving spice racks she had put away in storage in a carry one one year, but I had to go through extra security because of all the excess metal that set off the detector…..but really, after the plastic salami and prosciutto leg, nothing surprises the security agents anymore =) Anyway, you can hold so many embellishments….let me show you how!

First, use the bottles that come with the spice race for long objects like craft\sewing needles.



Next, go to your local bulk\wholesale store that sells industrial packaging products like Smart and Final. Buy disposable soufflé cups! They come in all ounces, with lids, and are durable and transparent. They are excellent. You can get 125 cups with their lids for under $5. I like to use 2 ounce and 4 ounce cups.


Then, go to Walmart and get some ID badge clips (found in the stationary section). The beautiful thing of these is that they easily clip onto the lip of the soufflé lid and the other part clips onto the spice rack! You can add about 20-25 soufflè cups on a spice rack….when you want to remove a cup from the rack, just simply push on the clip and the cup comes right of the badge. All your troubles are over!




Now, if you don’t have a spice rack, no problem! You can just place those same soufflé cups on their sides in a shoe box, or any box\ basket for easy viewing =)


Or, you can clip the badge onto a key chain or book ring and then attach\hang onto surfaces….this used to be an old kitchen gadget organizer… turned embellishment holder =)



The possibilities are endless.

Happy craft supply organizing!

Wanita =)