If you know me well, you know that I love chunky, colorful, pizzazy rings! Last December, there was a street fair back home in California and my mom and I went crazy! We each bought about 20 or so rings to add to our collection. Now I’m really a shy and quiet person, and those rings are “outside” of my personality….but I just love wearing them! So now that my collection grew, I needed a home for these. I used to have them all in a jewelry box, but didn’t like that I had to search high and low for the one I wanted to wear. So I thought long and hard as to where, oh where, could I put them in a practical way so that they would all be in one place, and easy to see all at once? Then I got it…..ice cube trays! They were perfect, each beauty fit right in a slot and the two trays went in the top drawer of my dresser. What do you think? =)


Happy ring organizing!

Wanita =)