Napoli (Naples), apart from being home of the Italian pizza as we know it,  is also one of the most busy and chaotic places in Italy, they say. I have yet to visit Napoli….I hope some time soon! I think Napolitans best describe the wonderful “organized chaos” that exists here in the old world. Some things are just simply hilarious and seem very foreign to those outside. But these are the things that make Italians known as fun loving, relaxed and chaotic they will tell you! The photos below are taken from an Italian website called, “Succede solo a napoli” (It only happens in Naples).

La dolce vita!

naples1 No balcony for your bike? No problem!

naples2 This is a clothing shop. The sign says, “We sell everything, including the mother-in-law!!”

naples3 Hang on Rover!

naples4 If you don’t have a lock, just grab some saran wrap!

naples5  I hope someone is holding that vespa from the inside!

naples6 How does he see where he’s going???!!!

naples7 This one was ingenious! I would have never thought of that!

naples8  From personal experience with signs in Italy, trust ONLY a navigator!

naples9 Is that part of a dresser???!!!

naples10 This one cracked me up! A balcony with no window or door?!

naples11   And he even left the trash IN the car while disposing the car!!!

naples12  Who needs beach chairs….just bring your kitchen table!!!

napoli 13   Hahahaha!…..The sign says, “Attention, the lemons are under surveillance camera….be aware!” I seriously need one of these on my lemon tree!!!

naples 13 And this one is a classic! The guy doesn’t have a fixed license plate…..he just wears it when needed!!!!!

It only happens in Naples!

Wanita =)