Hi Everyone =)

We all have babies and we all know how EXPENSIVE they can be right? Right! So here are some of the ways I’ve saved and thought I’d pass them along in hopes that they can help you too!

Here we go…

1) When people ask what you would like as a gift….ASK FOR CASH \ GIFT CARDS: They let you buy what you want, where you want. Here in Italy, I did something a bit “unconventional” by asking for cash a few months back before our daughter was born. Usually people like giving gifts as it’s more personal then cash or gift cards. However, I didn’t want to receive 55 cute dresses which I knew our baby would never be able to wear, especially since babies grow so fast. The reality is that you really need tons of onesies and pajamas like crazy, especially the first few months when they are frequently fed, burped, and changed. A few cute outfits are nice, but more often than not, you will receive a TON of them unless you put on the brakes. Cash allows you to spend the money where you really need to…diapers, formula, onesies, blankets, and the necessary nursery items.

2) SHOP ONLINE: Forget registries….you WILL find the same item for less online. We saved about 1\2 of the total projected baby cost by buying the exact same products online! That’s A LOT of money. We still have cash left to spend on her formula, diapers, etc. till this day…5 months later!

3) LEARN TO HEM: Ok, you may be thinking, when on earth do I have the time? Don’t worry, I’m not talking about serious sewing…just simple hemming. Baby clothes can be revamped VERY SIMPLY to last into the next age group! Babies usually grow taller very quickly, so instead of setting aside the outfit because it’s too short, just revamp it! For example, Rebecca was born in March, so pajamas with feetsies is what she wore for the first several weeks. Then she became taller and it became hotter. Rather than tossing aside the pajamas, I cut off the feetsies and shortened the sleeves so that with a few simple hems, it became a summer romper! It’s now August and she’s still wearing her 0-3 month pajamas (now a summer romper) at 5 months! And believe me, she’s no skinny minny =) See my posts under “crafts” for more ways to revamp baby clothes. Also, with simple hemming, you can make receiving blankets, play pen mat covers, etc…no need to buy these!

4) BABY ISN’T HUNGRY? SAVE THE FOOD FOR LATER. Sometimes the baby won’t even finish half the food, can I get a witness? Now there was no way I was going to throw it out and make a fresh batch later. Her formula is €17 Euros, about $20, a box (….Yes, in Italy things aren’t cheap) not to mention her cream of wheat, baby food jars, etc. So if she doesn’t finish her portion, I simply place it in the fridge, and retry it after 1-2 hours. Usually by then, she’s hungrier and finishes it up =)


6) Another obvious one: BUY IN BULK WHEN ON SALE. Diapers, formula, you know….the things you go through super fast. Be sure to calculate the cost of the diaper PER PIECE. Try many kinds to see which ones work that are cheap.

7) FORGET THE DOSAGE CUP WHEN LAUNDERING. The cup or cap that usually comes with your brand of laundry detergent is way more than what is necessary. If you go online, there are many reports written of how we tend to place too much detergent in the washing machine. More often than not, you will find that the detergent wasn’t fully rinsed away the first time, hence the “2nd rinse” cycle. That’s also additional water and electricity. If washing the baby’s laundry separately (like I do) you will not have to use more than 2-3 TBSP. Especially in a front loading washing machine. I buy an organic laundry detergent that claims 60 washes, yet by only adding 2 TBSP to each wash, it actually lasts me well into 120 washes…that’s double the detergent! And yes, her clothes come out very clean.

8) FORGET STAIN REMOVERS, buy an organic soap bar. First off, stain removers are pricey. Second, they are full of chemicals and other things I don’t want lingering on Rebecca’s clothes. Most importantly, I couldn’t get out the diaper stains! So when my friend recommended a bar of all natural organic soap, I bought one and tried it. It worked better than anything I had ever used. Here’s how it works. Just rinse out any lingering “blow out” stains (nasty, I know!) with hot water. Next, rub the bar of soap over the stain, Take a new toothbrush and scrub off the stain. Rinse in warm water and then launder later. Store the bar of soap and toothbrush in a place where you pre-treat stains…you’ll need them handy!

I hope these tips and tricks will help you save as it has for me =)

Until the next post, happy mothering!

Wanita =)