For those of you who haven’t heard of Siracusa….it’s a city here in Sicily with a touristic island attached, named Ortigia. If you google “Siracusa” or “Ortigia”, no doubt you will find tons of touristic photos. On Monday, my husband and I spend the day there since it’s only and hour from where we live. We spend some time touring the mercato (street market) and then went along and had a wonderful lunch full of fish! Here are just a few photos to share with you of our day well spent…..if ever in Sicily, be sure to visit Siracusa… won’t be disappointed! =)

Fresh Sicilian bread…..

Sun dried tomatoes, olives and nuts…..

White onions as big as two hands put together!

white onions

On to fresh fish!

Swordfish, calamari, shrimps, etc…freshly caught and waiting to be bought!

fresh fish

And don’t forget mussels…..deliciously boiled in tomato sauce or in a seafood risotto!

mussels freshly caught

After leaving the mercato, I had to take a picture of this… water gets transported! =)


Tiny narrow streets filled with cafés and trattorias…..don’t mind the hanging laundry…… it’s part of the charm!


Now, on that hot July day, nothing better than a fresh squeezed “spremuta” (orange juice) along with a deliciously toasted almond granita!

And take a look at this gorgeous Mediterranean sea….we had  a delicious lunch here ordering an appetizer,  bread, 2 seafood entree’s, and a glass bottle of water……all for 32 euros (around $36-38 total)

And that concluded our day at Siracusa…..check out the Internet for “touristic” photos of the area…’s a place well worth visiting!

Happy Sicilian travels!

Wanita =)