pan protector

Hi Everyone!

Well, if you love to cook like I do, but have limited pots and pan storage, then you are probably a pretty smart “stacker”. I can actually stack 5 ceramic pans if I angle the handles just right =) The one thing I do though, is put kitchen towels in between as I hate getting my pans scratched. The only problem with kitchen towels is that they are square shaped and the corners get caught between the pans. So I rummaged through my “old clothes for sewing” pile and saw just what I needed…cotton t-shirts and pillow cases (little\no fraying) that I can cut in circles to place between each pan!

It was so simple. I just used by largest lid as a template for the circle and used my scallop rotary cutter….zzzzzzip! (You could also use a normal rotary cutter or scissors for that matter) 3 seconds flat! I made about 10 of them (later in different sizes) in a few minutes. See? Simple =) Just place between each pan and voilà…no scratches. (Yes, they probably could use a nice press from the iron, but hey, who’s going to see them? I’m Lazy, I know 😉

diy pan protectors


Happy Re-purposing!

Wanita =)