Hello everyone =)

Today I want to show you how to make the easiest pasta dish you’ve ever made…or at least I hope so! Only 2 ingredients =) For those moments when you only have 15 minutes to prepare lunch or dinner. The key though, is quality….so here we go:


1\2 cup of home made or store bought pesto……just make sure it’s good quality.

1\2 pound of fresh or store bought ricotta…..again, quality is important.

Now, all you do is heat up the pesto just a bit and incorporate the ricotta. When the mix is nice and warm, turn off the stove and add a bit of olive oil, if necessary…..

…..if not, just stir in the ricotta\pesto mixture into your cooked pasta of choice. Spaghetti works well with this dish as all the noodles get coated nicely. Or, you can just use any kind of pasta shells that you prefer =)

Buon Appetito!

Wanita =)