The other day, we went to the nearby port town of Pozzallo. Why? Because we love a good panino! You have to understand that an Italian panino isn’t like any other. First of all, most of them come with french fries inside……yes, I’ve died and gone to heaven! Now coming from California, I never ate a sandwich stuffed with french fries… How could I have been so deprived? After pizza, Italians (like Americans) love french fries……and for good reason! Let me show you what we ordered…..

Here is mine….”Pollo con Patatine” (chicken with french fries) ready to have ketchup and mayo added =) It’s a super moist thin chicken breast, deliciously seasoned with oregano, emmenthaler cheese melted on the inside, and stuffed with fries…..(I’m hungry just writing this =)


Now my husband ordered the “porchetta con patatine”, seasoned beyond delicious, with melted cheese and fries as well…..fully dressed and waiting to be eaten!


Now, don’t think these things are small….can you see how it basically fills up the plate? And for €3,50 ($4.50) each, it’s a sweet deal!


So if ever in Sicily, be sure to grab a panino =)

Buon Appetito!

Wanita =)