Hi everyone!

Well, if you’ve tried my original tiramisu recipe, no doubt you weren’t disappointed. But here’s another twist on tiramisu that I invented to satisfy my love (….and that of many Italians….) for both tiramisu AND nutella. You can have both together right? Right! And guess what? It was sooooo good and so simple to make. My husband ate it for breakfast every morning for 3 days =) Not to mention with Christmas around the corner, this quick dessert will come in handy for pot lucks and parties. So here we go…..


-220 grams (almost 1 cup) of cream cheese

-200 grams of (3\4 cup) of whipping cream (light or heavy)

-1\2 cup of Nutella…or more if you want it very rich!

-1 Pkg lady fingers biscuits (known as “savoiardi” here in Italy)

-Coffee or espresso (cooled)

-Dark chocolate cocoa and crushed hazelnuts (for topping)


As you would for normal tiramisu, dunk each biscuit HALFWAY ONLY into the coffee and line the bottom of your serving dish.

Next, whip the cream until nice and fluffy


Then, add the cream cheese to the cream and whip for a minute or two….just until incorporated. Then add the Nutella and mix by hand until nice and swirled in…..at this point, it’s very difficult not to grab a spoon and wallop down a huge bite!

Like traditional tiramisu, start spreading your cream over the biscuits and create a second layer. When finished, garnish with dark cocoa and chopped hazelnuts. That’s it!  Simple and ohhhh so delicious!


Happy Nutella tiramisu making!

Wanita =)