Hi Everyone!

A few days ago, I received an email to my blog from a sweet Brazilian lady who lives in Spain. She wrote telling me she saw my recipe “Quick 2 ingredient Pesto and Ricotta” recipe and made it using “Pesto Rosso” (made with tomato sauce\sun dried tomatoes) instead. She said it turned out delicious. So, curiosity setting in, I asked Margareth if she would let me know how she made the alternate version? She kindly shared it with me to share with you all! This is even quicker than my original home made version, so if you are really pressed on time, this can be done in no time flat =)

Here are her pictures….

Her Pesto Rosso is store bought. For those living in Europe, the LIDL grocery store chain carries it….you can probably find it at any speciality store for those living outside Europe. You can even check online for a home made version =)

pesto rosso

And to that, she added the Ricotta. I can only imagine how good it tasted =)

margareths pesto

So thanks again Margareth and Buon Appetito to all!

Wanita =)