Garlic and red onion season here in Sicily finally arrived! Garlic and onion braids are now being sold by street vendors everywhere =) Life is good! As we were finishing up running some errands a few days ago, I spotted one of these vendors as we passed by and shrieked to my husband…”Oooohhhh garlic and onion braids!”….I don’t think he ever saw anyone so happy to see garlic or onions =) =) Of course he made a turn around the rotary and we stopped to ask how much each one costs? The vendor replied, “cinque euro” (5 euro). Of course, being the picky one, I told the vendor I wanted a garlic braid with large garlic heads (If you read my recipe posts, you will see I’m a garli-holic!) And so it was. We came home with beautiful braids =) As soon as my neighbors saw them, they too wanted some! Let me show you how they look……

Here they are…..hanging in my kitchen gracefully for all to see =) It’s a crime to use them!




And yes, my kitchen smells like onions and garlic, but I don’t mind! =)

Buona Giornata! (Have a great day)

Wanita =)