When it comes to making paper flowers, once I start, I can’t stop! These beauties are some of my favorites as gift toppers. Last year, it seemed like it was wedding season here in Sicily because I made a lot of handmade cards and gifts along with these 5 inch flowers, which gracefully adorned the packages……and you know what?…..the recipients seemed to spend more time admiring the flowers on the package than opening the gift! =) =) So get ready to make some gorgeous flowers that are really pretty simple to make!


-Oval paper punch ( 1 1\4 x 2 inches) EK Success Paper Shapers 2-Inch Oval Nesting Punch …..if you have a larger\smaller one, you can still use it! Your flower will just be smaller or bigger than the one demonstrated.

-Flower punch (about 2 inches or so) EK Success Paper Shapers Medium Punch, Daisy

-1 Piece of thick card stock, any color you prefer…...this will be for making approx 14 petals

-1 Small piece of thick card stock, in a coordinating color….this will be for making the petals in center of the flower

-1 Ink pad, in any color …..that will go with the two card stock colors you’ve chosen

-1 Small embellishment….for the center of the flower

-1 Medium\large artificial leaf

-Bone folder or knife

-Cuttlebug Machine Cuttlebug Machine V2

 -Cuttlebug embossing folder of your choice

-Glue gun or fast drying glue


Place your card stock in the embossing folder and run it through the Cuttlebug. I ran mine three times to get the entire card stock embossed. Or you an just cut several pieces of card stock and emboss each piece, one after the other.


Don’t worry if separation lines of the embossing folder show….


Taking your ink pad, swipe the entire card stock to highlight the embossing.


Then, begin punching out the “petals”, making about 14 of them (….you may have some extra petals left over)

Next, begin curling each petal backwards with a bone folder or with the flat end of a knife.


Cut out a circle using the same color card stock as the petals (about 1 3\4 inches in diameter) and start gluing 5 petals on the top of the circle.


Now curl another 5 petals towards you, and then glue the petals over the first layer.


Next, punch out two medium sized flowers from another punch you may have.


Then glue them, one on top of the other. Using the bone folder, curl them upwards as well.


Add the small flower to the center of the large flower and add any final embellishment you may have. Then glue the leaf to the backside of the flower. That’s it! =)