glitter flowers

Hi Everyone!

We have some upcoming weddings and so I started early on some beautiful home made gifts. Unfortunately, I can’t show you what I made for now since I’m afraid the bride or groom might see this post….don’t want to spoil the surprise! After the wedding, I’ll show you what I made =). For now, I DO want to show you how you can embellish some ordinary silk flowers and turn them into beautiful pieces you can attach to any card, gift, bag, etc…’s so easy! Here we go….

Maestro, the procedure please!

-Take any silk flower you have and spray some adhesive all over the front side. You can even do the leaves if you have them.

-Pour the glitter generously all over and let it set. When dry, tap to remove the excess glitter.

-Using a paint brush, dip the brush into some Mod Podge and lightly brush over each petal (…you may want to place your index finger in the center of the flower to keep it from sliding while brushing the glue on). Let dry and repeat with a second coat.

-When the flowers are completely dry, embellish with rhinestones, pearls, or whatever you wish for the center of the flower. That’s it! =)

Happy glittering!

Wanita =)

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