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Now I have to confess, we have been so busy these last couple of months that my husband and I decided to skip town for a week for our 8 year anniversary with our 15 month old daughter….it was wonderful! We rented a cabin near Catania, Sicily in a town called Randazzo. It’s up near the Nebrodi mountains and during this hot summer, we loved getting away to somewhere a bit cooler. So if you ever plan on visiting Catania, Mount Etna, or Taormina, this agriturismo is perfect. Now let me give you some details why….

First off, which I never knew, staying at an agriturismo is a wonderful culinary experience. They make all the food from scratch, since they have animals on site, as well as a vast vineyard, and location where they make their own cheeses…oh my goodness, so delicious! Every morning we had breakfast where our gracious host and owner, Franco, personally attended to us. Home made croissants (cornetti), cakes, jams, bread, juices, and of course delicious cappuccino and espresso. Our 15 month old, Rebecca, was so thrilled by all the delicious food she ate that she actually gained weight during our short stay! =)

Secondly, the prices are not as high as one thinks. It was just a bit more that an average hotel or bed and breakfast would be. The prices were very reasonable and at Borgo San Nicolao, they have lots of activities: horseback riding, playground for kids, vineyard trails, paint-ball, culinary tours, excursions, and much more than we even did or took part of. We were also given a tour of where the make their wine and where they store their cheeses.

Third, if you like nature and want to get away from a big city, this is a wonderful place to wake up every morning…..quietly along the vineyards. Even in July, there is a wonderful breeze and the nights are cool…no need for an air conditioner, imagine!

I took a few photos to share with you to give you and idea of what Borgo San Nicolao looks like up close and first hand…..

This photo is what you see when you walk out of our cabin….beautiful vast vineyards and olive trees.


Here is another one of the vineyards…..


After we walked near the vineyards, you can see some of the pink cabins in the background…..

100_9063   100_9054 100_9068

Here is Mount Etna smoking in the background….the locals are happy she keeps smoking because nobody wants an eruption =)


This was breakfast one morning…..look at those cornetti! Apart the baby’s bottle =), everything was deliciously home made…..


Here is a picture of where they store their delicious cheese….called “provola” and “pecorino” (…from the Italian word “pecora” (sheep) as it is made with sheep’s milk…..oh so tasty!


So, I hope I’ve tempted you a bit! If ever near Catania and need a few days to travel around, this agriturismo is not to be missed =) I would definitely stay here again. Here is their contact information:

Borgo San Nicolao

Contrada Calderara-Rumbolo
S.S. 120 Km. 190 + 200 95036 Randazzo (CT) Sicily, Italy

Italy Tel.: +39 095 924 084

Fax. +39 095 924 084

Mobile: 329 3809496 |



Bon Viaggio! (Have a good trip!)

Wanita =)


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