DIY toy bin

Hi all! Well, being pregnant certainly has exciting moments… of which is finding out that you are having a girl! =) So when I was at the store the other day and saw this large hot pink plastic container, I knew it would be the perfect toy bin for our arriving baby girl as no doubt she will get umpteen amounts of toys from friends and family, can I get a witness? =)

So today, I’d like to show you how easy it is to transform an ordinary plastic tub into a toy bin or something cute for any child’s room…..or even to give as a baby shower gift filled with goodies! Let’s begin…..


– Stencils of your choice (alphabet, pictures, etc….)

-Acrylic paint (your choice of color)

-Stickers (ribbons, or other dimensional items of your choice to decorate…..according to the receiver and theme)


Using a pencil, trace your stencil

plastic bin


Next, start painting in between the lines until all the letters are finished. Don’t worry if your painting isn’t perfect, we aren’t going for perfection, we are going for lovingly home made! =)

 I did three coats to get the white acrylic paint nice and bright.

stenciled and painted toy bin

Finally,  add some stickers or embellishments of your liking….I opted not to put any ribbons or 3D embellishments that out baby girl may get her crawling hands on later as she’s digging through her toys. (Mommy doesn’t want any chocking hazards!) Here, I opted for bright and glittery flat floral stickers….too cute huh? And that’s it! You can have this project done personalized with the baby\child’s name, or your favorite saying, etc….whatever you like!

DIY baby toy bin

Happy painting!

Wanita =)