Hi Everyone =)

Ahhh. Another sewing trick….makes our sewing lives easier, doesn’t it? Today I want to show you how I hemmed my pyjamas. Ask me why I had to hem them? No, they were not too tall when my mom bought them for me when she came over to Sicily from California. Actually I tried them on at the time and they *seemed*ย  perfect at the length. After my pregnancy and birth of the baby, my belly took some time to shrink back to it’s normal size, but now, after 7 months, we are good to go again. So what did I do? Brought out those pretty pyjama pants. I tried them on again and they were about 2 inches too long??? They mopped the floor like a bridal train! Did I shrink? Please tell me I didn’t shrink!

So….I took them to my trusty-dusty (.…yes dusty! Our 7 month old keeps me occupied...) sewing machine for a quick hem. The only problem is that these pants are one of those nice VERY stretchy, comfy kind. There was no way I was going to be able to sew the thing straight! So I cheated…I do a lot of that when sewing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s how….

If your pants have the original double needle hem that you usually find with a lot pants, then first fold back and/or cut off the excess material you don’t need. Next, just place your needle between the double hem and sew away! My hem was perfectly straight! (….Now, you want to know how I folded back my pants while I sewed along? I was lazy, and hey, they are pyjamas…so who cares right?…I used my whole thumb as the indicator, folding back the material as I sewed along! Crazy, I know, But it worked!….)



So try this trick next time you need to hem anything that has a double stitched hem already on the garment. (…And you can also use your thumb if you shrunk like I did!…maybe only for pyjamas though ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, my grandmother would kill me if she knew this is how I hemmed my pyjamas =)

Happy hem cheating,

Wanita =)

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