What better than to give a tea pot floral arrangement as a unique hostess gift?! These cuties are so quick and simple to make too =) Here’s one I made with a ceramic tea pot I received, but never used.




– Tea pot

-Glue gun

-Silk flowers (in a variety in colors and styles)

– A square or circle brick of craft\floral Styrofoam

-A piece of sin may mesh to drape over the rim of the tea pot.

-A tag\embellishment if you want to add a message (optional)


– Cut the styrofoam\craft foam brick so that it enters and fits inside the tea pot…..don’t worry if the brick doesn’t cover the entire bottom surface of the pot. Remove the brick from the tea pot.

– Place a good amount of glue on the inside bottom center of the tea pot, and place the brick inside, pressing down to glue it. Leave to dry for a few minutes. Glue the sin may mesh all along the top of the brick allowing some edges of the mesh to go over the edge of the tea pot.

-Trim each stem so that they aren’t too tall, nor too short, and begin sticking them inside the brick to form an floral arrangement.

-When the stems are firmly in place, place some dabs of glue along the rim of the pot and gently press a petal or two from the florals you’ve placed along the edge onto the glue so that the inside of the pot isn’t visible.

-Using a ribbon, attach a tag to the handle of the tea pot and tie a bow (optional).

Happy floral arranging!

Wanita =)