We have a small towel and medicine cabinet in our bathroom. Frankly, I can never seem to fit enough towels. Not that I’m a towel hoarder, but I like to change my towels frequently, and so every time I go back home to California, I’m resisting the urge to buy more face and hand towels. I think I’ve tried every folding trick passed on from generation to generation. Being a bit OCD, I wasn’t giving up that easily…..and I certainly wasn’t going to get rid of any towels!…..God forbid! I have 2 shelves (12 x14 inches or 31 x 35 cm) only to house towels, and so I am proud to announce I can now house all of my towels….for now at least 😉

Here’s how:

For wash clothes: Fold in half, then roll up.

For hand towels: Fold in half, then fold in half again, then roll up. (see photo below)




For bath towels: Follow same procedure as for hand towels.

For beach towels or jumbo sized bath towels: Fold in half, then fold from side to side, then fold from side to side again, then roll.

Now, when using this method, be aware that wrinkles may appear when you unroll the towel, so this is by no means a “crisp” folding technique, but rather, a space saving one =)

Ta da! …..and here they are, cozy and waiting to be used =)


Happy rolling!

Wanita =)