bubble top

Hi Everyone!

As we enter fall, I was going through my 18 month old’s clothes to see what she has for the next season here in Sicily. My parents will be arriving next month for a visit (can’t wait!) and will be bringing Rebecca a luggage full of clothes (the beauty of being grandparents!) So I need to make room for the new and see what I can still use from the old =) I came across this dress which is really cute (a gift from her great aunt) but with cold weather in the horizon, not something she can wear without leggings or tights. Now, I must make a confession: Rebecca plays like a boy. She is NOT girly girly. So playing in a dress and tights isn’t going to happen. Since this dress isn’t too long, but clearly not easy to play in, I decided to turn it into a bubble top! So quick and easy….only takes 2 minutes =)

Here’s what you do:

Turn the dress inside out. Using the original bottom seam from the manufacturer, just sew right over…you will have a perfect 1 or 1\2 inch seam (depending where the original seam is). Make sure to leave an opening where you can insert the elastic for the waist using a paper clip or whatever you usually use to get the elastic into your casing.  Stitch the elastic closed and turn the dress back inside out. Ahhhh! A beautiful bubble top. The beauty of it is that now the dress slides up just below her nice round waist, making it roomy enough while still allowing her knees and legs to roam free.

I’m planning to have Rebecca wear her bubble top over a long sleeve onesie and some cute jeans or stretch pants…a perfect autumn outfit still comfortable to play it!

Happy sewing!

Wanita =)

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