adding puff sleeves

Hi all =)

Continuing on with my re-purposing and up-cycling….here’s another quick (and professional looking) way to add puff sleeves for the amateur sewer like myself! As you know, I’m  up-cycling all of Rebecca’s baby clothing for as long and as far as I can =P So how about adding some puff sleeves to a onesie? It’s actually easier than you think….here’s how:

First, cut some puff sleeves from an existing outfit (….the old outfit was a romper way too small. So I cut it at the waist and added a piece of elastic to turn it into shorts…see my picture at the end…) Make sure you cut about 1\2 inch away from the shoulder seam. Next do the same with a onesie that you want to transform.

sewing puff sleeves

Next, invert the clothing inside out and try to align the two seams as best you can.

sewing puff sleeves

…..and just sew all the way around, using a machine or by hand.

sewing puff sleeves

That’s it! Now I’ve got a new outfit =)


Remember, babies grow fast. Everything can be reused and up-cycled at least one way. So before you buy new clothes, see if you can let the existing ones stretch out longer =)

Happy Sewing!

Wanita =)