Hi all =)

Well, as for my up-cycling, re-purposing, revamping, baby clothes go, I discovered a cute trick I wanted to share with you! I took one of Rebecca’s outgrown skirts (too tight around the waist…at 4 months olds, my muchkin eats!) and took out the elastic. I then made a 1\2 inch seam and began to sew all the way around. After that, I made another 1\2 seam….1 inch away from my first seam….and began to sew all the way around again. When I finished, I added the elastic and…viola!…. a new stretchy skirt again. Now, here’s the trick. I loved colored thread, especially for baby clothes. So when I made my seams as described above, I used cute pink thread….

However, I didn’t like the fact that the original thread at the bottom of the skirt was white….it came that way.

So why not sew over it? That’s right! I flipped the skirt inside out and positioned my sewing needle in the center between the two double stitch seams….and zig-zaged away! My machine sounded like a happy train rumbling through town =)


Perfect ….. Much nicer and the pink thread at the bottom really pops out, making the skirt look uniform and store bought =) Not to mention more “girly” to show off Rebecca’s cute super chunky thighs and legs.

So next time you have white seams and want to “colorize” them, just sew over using colored thread!

Happy sewing =)