For those of you who have never been to the City of Ragusa, here in Sicily (Italy), let me take you on a quick trip =)

Ragusa Ibla (the historic  part of Ragusa), being only about 20 kilometers from where we live, is a great place to relax and taste the “authentic south” of Italy. Apart from the numerous monuments and delicious places to eat, walking through the old stone pathways and narrow streets gives you the ancient feel of the old world…..not to mention the appreciation of modern roads and paved streets (….imagine having to climb high steps with sandals and navigate tight streets with a horse!). However, Ragusa Ibla (as most of Sicily) allows you to really experience the slow paced, authentic life that Sicily is known for. Here are some photos I hope you will enjoy! If ever planning to come to Sicily, make sure Ragusa is on your list of places to see! If you want more info or need help planning an Itinerary while in Sicily, feel free to contact me =)

Map of Sicily

Narrow, stair cased pathways

Retired men relaxing, discussing politics (a favorite Italian pastime =)


The famous Church of St. George….I told my husband to take a photo of the church only, but somehow the top of my head was included!…..When we walked in, there was an anniversary celebration in session where a couple were renewing their wedding vows =)

Ah, a better photo! =) ….dusk was approaching


There are lots of places to walk and eat along the historic center, so just bring your walking shoes and camera! There is plenty to see and you’ll want to spend a good day discovering this beautiful place. Maybe I’ll run into you next time =)

Happy Touring!

Wanita =)