I absolutely love flowers. I have no idea why I am so obsessed with them. I even wear flower pins everyday to hold up my bangs! (upcoming tutorial). So I am constantly crafting with flowers and one simple, but very elegant arrangement I made for our bedroom dresser was with flowers I picked up at Michael’s when they had one of their season end clearances. I “happened” to be there (well, it’s more like I swerved over there when I saw the happy yellow “clearance” banner from the side of the road!). And since I’m only in the States once a year, it was an especially neat blessing to have found these flowers THAT day at 90% off !!!!! You should have seem my suitcase crammed with these poor flowers! More than that, you should have seen my husband’s face when I told him half of a suitcase would be devoted to taking my little pretties back to Sicily with me =)

What you’ll need:

– A really pretty glass vase (or one of the several one’s left over from your wedding, if you were like me…..I had a registry, with NO vases listed, but still got 5 vases!

– Some really pretty long stemmed silk florals of different shades and kinds.

– Two shades of organza ribbon (cut long enough to wrap around your vase and make a bow).

– Some filler…..use whatever you like (potpourri, pebbles, bath salts, or floral sand…..floral sand is what I used….I found them at our equivalent “dollar store” here in Sicily)


Place your filler in the vase about 1\3 of the way up (or more if you like)….here, I used brown glittered sand….but anything pretty will work. Place your flowers all around the vase (if needed, trim some flowers with craft pliers to create uneven lengths). Bend some of the floral leaves downward to create a “full” look. Next, holding the two ribbons together (one on top of the other), tie a bow around the center of the vase. Beautiful!

Happy floral arranging!

Wanita =)