Hi all!

This week my creative juices have been running as I’m taking a break from baby preparation =) I had this glossy ceramic jug which I thought was the perfect thing to try a new experiment…new for me at least 😉 To stamp on flat ceramic surfaces….that much we know is easy enough….but what about round objects? And what if you make a mistake? Have no fear! I’ve discovered a couple of wonderful tricks along my attempt to decorate this jug…..so let’s begin as I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned!


-Glossy ceramic item

-Staz-on all surface ink

-Rubber or acrylic stamps

-Permanent colored pens (like Sharpies)


Here’s my glossy yellow jug….really cute to use as a utensil crock or a vase. Since I can’t “paint” very well….I thought stamping would be nice. So after trying out a couple of stamps on paper, I decided which ones I wanted to use. The first stamp is a rubber stamp of a nice flower….but golly, I knew I wasn’t going to make a clean image the first time around on a rounded surface…….and sure enough….I didn’t. Plus, I didn’t like the black ink. So I immediately rubbed it off with my finger and most came off instantly….but there was still a bit of ink….so I scanned my craft table and saw a rubber eraser. Naw….it won’t work, I thought. But hey, I’ll give it a try. It had to be better than my finger! And voilà, it worked perfectly! So trick #1, if you make a mistake using Staz-on ink, just rub it off with a white rubber eraser! Take a look…..


My bad attempt at getting the entire image on the jug……


And after having erased the black stamped image, here is a better one in red ink! Much better…I can fill in the missing lines easy enough using my red sharpie =)

Now, after having stamped a few of these flowers (and rubbing some off which didn’t pass my test)…..I wanted some leaves stamped on as well. I have this rubber stamp which has a variety of small leaves…..but I only wanted the first one. So trick #2, to mask or hide the other images, just cover with a piece of normal scotch tape.

And on to stamping I went……added a few of these tiny leaves which were much easier to get clean images since they were small.

And last but not least, I wanted some birds…..ahhhh, but I had them only in acrylic stamps. An acrylic stamping block wasn’t going to cut it on a round surface, I thought. Hmmmm, what can I use to mount this flexible stamp? Then it dawned on me…..Trick #3…..I was looking at the stamp which had it’s plastic packaging on the back and front (I always keep these so the stamps stay clean and visable)….why not use the flimsy plastic as a mounting block?! It’s flexible and will allow me to stamp the image. So I tried it, and it worked perfectly =)

Again, I’ll fill in the missing lines with my Sharpie =) Now…the “painting” process? Easy…just ROUGHLY color in the images using permanent pens, like Sharpies, so it looks hand painted.

And here is my jug…..beautifully colored and ready to “gift” or use myself….I still haven’t decided =P

So give it a try……you’ve got nothing to lose! Happy stamping,

Wanita =)