It finally happened……I too, have become part of the “wives for tidy sweaters” club. At first, I did what many newlywed wives do, every time I saw a poor, shoved back in messed up sweater, I would pull it out, refold it and back in it went. Well, this went on until I finally couldn’t hack it down any further. Why, you ask? I’ll tell you my deep, dark secret….I HATE ironing. And so the LAST thing on earth I want to iron is a sweater! Do people actually iron sweaters? Well, if you saw the amount of wrinkles that accumulated on these sweaters, you would think we had litters of Shar Pei puppies (you know, those absolutely adorable dogs with tons of wrinkles =) stored in our drawers! So looking for relief, I found it! Folding sweaters in a roll! (I’ll show you in a moment). Apparently, so many women use this method…..ok, so maybe I’m a late bloomer at discovering this, but better late than never =) This not only allows hubby to see all his sweaters at once, but also keeps them 99.5% wrinkle free …which is good enough to not bring out the iron board, wouldn’t you say? Free at last, free at last! And the best part of it, we’ve been using this system now all winter, so it’s tested and working like a charm!

Now, if you have a husband, or any male member of the family, who is an expert sweater stuffer….well, have the hubby sign up for Sweater Stuffer’s Anonymous in hopes for a cure =) My mom tried this method on my dad’s sweaters…he lasted only a couple of weeks. So while I can’t say this system works for everyone, give it a try and see if it works for you!

Here’s how you fold a sweater to get it into a smooth ball (note, I used one of my husband’s most difficult one to roll for the demo, because it has a zipper and is a loose knit sweater. So if I can roll this one, I can roll em’ all =)

Before you begin, zip up any zippers, close any buttons, etc.

  1. Fold the sweater in half, sliding your hand between the two layers to smooth out any wrinkles inside
  2. Stack the two arms together.


  1. Turn in the collar, making sure both sides are smooth.


  2. Start rolling downward….and keep rolling until you reach the bottom of the sweater.


       5.   Once at the bottom, let that bottom edge be the part you put inside the drawer so the smooth rolled side shows when you open the drawer.


Now, if you forget to zip up a sweater, or they are a little squished like mine are, don’t worry. Nothing can ever be perfect, but as long as the hubby can still wear it without having to iron it is what I’m going for =) Try it and see if it works for you!


Happy rolling!

Wanita =)