I love roasted nuts, but do NOT want to pay extra for them roasted. My mom first taught me how to roast pine nuts a long time ago, and it’s the same for almonds, or any other nut you would like roasted. So here’s a simple and easy method using a frying pan. No roaster, or toaster necessary!

-Place 1 cup of whole nuts, or as many was will fit in a single layer, in your pan. Turn the heat to medium low….and wait a few minutes for the pan to heat up.


Swish, rattle, or shake the pan until you see them slightly browning. Reduce heat to low, wait another 30 seconds or so, and repeat with the shake, rattle and roll until they develop nice light burn spots. They look homemade-ly roasted, don’t they?


Turn off the heat and immediately place them on a plate lined with paper towel (to absorb excess oil). Wait until they are completely cool and then crunch into them! Yummy! Or you can then chop them up and add the pieces to food\dessert as needed =)

Happy Roasting!

Wanita =)