My in-laws have a house in the country with a large amount of land. So as we get ready to enter summertime here in Sicily, what do you see sprouting everywhere? Peas and fava beans! Ok, I’ll pass on the fava beans, but the peas are just delicious. We collected some to bring back home so that we can freeze them for the year. They taste sooooo much better than store bought peas! So my husband and I went out to show you how these cuties grow out here!

Here they are, happily among the olive trees……


Now, come up close and see them basking “under the Sicilian sun” =)


…….cute aren’t they??….


Here are some of them are already collected…..there’s still tons more to collect out in the garden!


I’m going to need a few days (…..and a prayer of patience!….) to get all of these peas out of their pods =) Maybe I can do this while watching TV? =)


…..but I know it will be worth it……these peas are just so tasty and sweet that they melt in your mouth!

Until the next harvest!

Wanita =)