Being the crazy person I am, and loving flowers……wearing bobby pin flowers to hold up one side of my bangs  is something I do almost daily and I have one for almost every outfit! (No, I’m not 18 years old….actually I’m thirty something and expecting our first child……and if she’s a girl, mommy is going to make her zillions of these too! ) When we are out, I’m sometimes known as the girl who has the flower in her hair! =D Not only are these too cute, but also so easy to make! Bobby pins cost nothing, and why buy flower pins when you can make them yourself in just a few minutes! Let me show you how…..


– Glue gun or strong drying glue

– Fabric, foam, felt or silk flowers (not card stock or thin paper flowers….can you imagine if it rains?)

– Embellishments for the center of the flower (like brads, rhinestones, ladybugs, etc)

– Piece of felt

– Bobby pin


Cut a very small piece of felt and slide it through the opening of the bobby pin.

Make your flowers and glue the felt onto the backside of the flower (don’t let the felt show). Let dry. That’s it!

So now go crazy and make a bunch of them! Give them as gifts or wear them yourself. You will be asked to make more, trust me! =)

Happy floral bobby pin making!

Wanita =)