Here in Italy, you will find no lack of empty wine bottles. Did you know they make the prettiest centerpieces or home decor? I’ve actually given these as gifts, attaching a personalized tag. And the best part is, they are so simple to make! Just grab an empty wine bottle and I’ll show you how =)


-An empty wine bottle, preferably dark colored

-A piece of fabric (not to big, just enough to wrap around your bottle)

-A piece of thin card stock that coordinates with the fabric

-A small picture from a magazine or calendar

-Craft border punch (optional)

-Silk flowers

-A piece of matching ribbon

-An embellishment to add to the ribbon (optional)

-A glue gun or quick drying glue


Clean your bottle so that it is free of any sticky labels. Set aside. Take your piece of fabric, and wrong side up, fold back all the raw edges, gluing them about a 1\2 inch or so in.


Bring up the bottom side towards the center so that you get the height that you want wrapped around the bottle. Then glue it.


Wrap your fabric around the bottle and glue the fabric onto the bottle.


Next, glue (or using double sided tape if you have) your picture (I found mine on the back of an outdated calendar) to your card stock.


(I punched the borders to give the picture an extra old world feel…but you can just trim the edges straight as well)


Glue the picture on the bottle at the center….sorry for the fuzzy photo!


Next, take your ribbon and make a bow at the neck of the bottle. Glue your embellishment (optional) at the center of the bow.  (….I used a silk grape leaf I had in my “scrap leaves” pile) . Arrange your flowers, and you are finished!


And now here is the finished product. Beautiful and ready to give as a gift, use as a centerpiece, or add to your home decor!



Happy wine bottle decorating!

Wanita =)