If you happen to have home made yogurt (or all natural store bought yogurt…..plain and sugar free) in your fridge ……you can use it to soften your hair! Now we all know the wonderful benefits of yogurt taken internally or used as facial beauty cleansers, but it’s also been said to assist rapid hair growth as well as acts as a conditioner.

Now, I have very dry hair. Adding to the fact that we have hard water here in Italy, my hair gets even dryer. Wanting something natural, I tried using some of my home made yogurt….ahhhhh! My hair is now so much more softer! And it’s so simple to do!

Here’s how: Slather 1 cup of yogurt all over your hair, pin up, and wear a shower cap. Wait 1 hour, then rinse. Follow with shampooing your hair as you would normally. Try it and see how it works for you =)

Happy hair conditioning!

Wanita =)