Hi all =)

Well, today I wanted to share with you an incredibly easy lemon tea that helps you digest all you’ve eaten. How did I discover this? Well, picture it, Sicily 2013. It was Christmas eve and we were with my husband’s entire family. Needless to say, the combination of being pregnant and having eaten too much didn’t make me a pretty sight! It started with my head sliding over to my husband’s shoulder…..his cousin caught notice and asked me if I would like some tea. It sounded good, just as long as it wasn’t camomile…..I didn’t need help falling asleep, considering midnight hadn’t struck yet. So a few minutes later, she emerges with the most brightly colored yellow tea you have ever seen. I took one sip and was amazed at how good it was! I later asked my husband what this tea was, and he informed me it’s a digestive tea made with only organic lemon peels that are boiled in water. That’s it! So the next night, Christmas day….deja vu….pregnant and having eaten too much….I made the tea myself. Oh so good! So go ahead and try it =)

How to make the tea: Peel an ORGANIC lemon (keep a bit of the white attached to the peels). Place the peels in a kettle or pot to boil with water. When the water turns goldy yellow, turn off the flame and strain the peels out of the water. Serve with or without sugar. That’s it! Oh, and by the way, this tea is called “canarino” in Italian…..meaning “little canary” because of it’s yellow color =)

Happy digestive tea making =)

Wanita =)

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