I don’t know about you, but I like the look of coasters. They are really cute underneath a cup of warm coffee or tea. For me, it’s about coziness. And I love when they are homemade. So one day, I was tinkering with some extra card stock I had and thought, why not make quick and simple coasters for my guests? It takes only a few steps!

Here, I’ve made some cute ones in Italian with some of my favorite Bible verses. They are pretty large, at 6×6, so that I can even use them as dessert place mats. But you can make them any size really.


 Directions: (makes 1 coaster….duplicate as necessary =)

  1. Cut out a piece of square THICK card stock according to how large you would like the coaster to be.
  2. Stamp the front side with the stamp and color of your choice, as well as ink the edges by running the ink pad along the edge, with more along the 4 corners.
  3. Print out your verbiage or writing onto white core scrapbook paper.
  4. Tear around the writing in the direction TOWARDS YOU (that shows the white core). Ink around the white core.
  5. Add any stickers or flat embellishments, as desired. (I added punched mini flowers)
  6. Cut out TWO pieces of Contact Paper 1-2 inches more on each side than the measurement of the coaster. (For example, if your coaster is 4×4 cut TWO 5×5 or 6×6 pieces of Contact Paper)
  7. Laying your coaster right side up, peel the paper backing off and cover the front of the coaster with the 1 piece of Contact paper, making sure you have at least 1 inch border on all sides. Flip the coaster over, and very carefully place the other piece of contact paper over the backside, sealing the contact paper sheets together to enclose the coaster. Trim any areas where the two sheets aren’t perfectly aligned (……I just placed the coaster under my Fiskars paper trimmer and ran the blade along the coaster, but you can use a ruler and scissors if you don’t have a trimmer.).

That’s it! After guests leave, just wipe them down! Note regarding hot items: In my experience, these coasters can withstand the heat of mugs or other drink ware that don’t get too hot at the bottom, but do NOT place these coasters under hot pots, kettles, cookware, etc….as the Contact Paper can not withstand high temperatures.

Happy coaster making!

Wanita =)