Do you have high ceilings with large white walls staring at you?  We had this problem in our bedroom and I didn’t want to cover the wall with more frames. So here is what I did……I had a huge throw that was brand new and turned it into a wall tapestry! All you need is some ribbon, a rod, a needle and some thread.  It’s simple… sewing machine required!

Here’s how

– Cut 2 inch wide \ 8 inch long strips from your choice of ribbon…..make as many as you would need to cover the length of your throw, spacing each ribbon about 3-4 inches apart.

– Fold the ribbon into a loop, and starting with the left and right corners of the throw, hand stitch the ribbon loop onto the wrong side. (Make sure your ribbon loop is large enough to go through the rod!)  Find the center of the throw and stitch a ribbon loop there as well. Next, find center of the throw between the left corner loop and the center loop and hand stitch another loop there, continue this method of centering loops until the entire throw has ribbon loops stitched all across the top.

– Drill your rod brackets onto the wall. Place your throw through the rod and hang it. That’s it! =)

You can do this for any room where you wish to cover a large wall. Wouldn’t a personalized photo throw of the kids or grandkids be cute for a living room? Oh how about one with the family last name? The types of throws you can hang are endless!

Happy wall decorating!

Wanita =)