Here in Italy, tiles are very inexpensive. All homes have tiles (no carpet found here!) and so you will find a vast range of styles and colors. That got me thinking…..why not create something using tiles? Well, let me show you how to make a gorgeous piece you can create for your home decor or to give as a gift (just make sure to include a plate stand =)  All you need are a few supplies and you can make some of the most prettiest tile gifts or decor in no time!

Things you need:

-1 shiny glazed tile (any size, just as long as it it big enough to stamp on…I used one that is 8×10)

-All surface ink pad (like StazOn)

-Stamp of your choice

-Adhesive quote

-Ribbon and floral embellishment of your choice

-Glue gun or fast drying multi surface glue


Stamp your tile and let dry overnight (just to be it’s dry). Don’t worry if your stamping was less than perfect, it’s part of the charm of tiles =)


 Next, ink the edges by swiping the ink pad over the edge.


Then, add your adhesive saying, rubbing off any dark sticky edges with an eraser.


Next, take your ribbon and wrap it around the tile, positioning it where you like. Then slide the ribbon points through the floral embellishment and tie a bow.


Isn’t it pretty? You can use all kinds of tiles in various colors and with any embellishment you have on hand =) Just experiment and see what comes out!


Happy tile decorating!

Wanita =)