Bruschetta has got to be one of the most simplest Italian dishes, and honestly, one of the most tasty! Last night, I made some bruschetta with some left over pagnotte (see post) I had.  If you have some left over bread and don’t know what to do with it, think no more…..just make bruschetta!

Ingredients: (serves 2)

-4 bottom ends of pagnotte, or slices of Italian\French bread

-2 large tomatoes, diced

-2 to 3 large garlic cloves, sliced (…..or more, depending on your garlic preference =)

-2 to 4 fresh basil leaves, chopped or 2 TBSP dried basil (….In this recipe, I used dry basil as we are in April….I usually plant & grow my own basil in June and in September dry it for the cooler months when I can’t have fresh basil.)

– 3 TBSP olive oil

-Grated sharp cheese

-Salt, to taste


If using day old bread, place in the oven or toaster and toast a bit. Set bread aside. In a bowl, add chopped tomatoes, sliced garlic, basil, salt, and 2 TBSP olive oil. Mix well and place a generous amount on top of each bread slice. Drizzle remaining TBSP of olive oil over all the bruschetta and garnish with grated cheese.

Buon Appetito!

Wanita =)