It’s no secret I love herbs! I use them like crazy because I love the flavor herbs give to food and drinks. And on my balconies, you will find containers of them =) I usually begin planting basil in the early spring, after the last wind passes (or so I hope!) and mint pretty much starts sprouting here at the end of winter. So by the end of summer, it’s time to harvest and dry these puppies.  However, periodically throughout the summer, I trim the plants and dry what I’ve trimmed. Here’s how I dry my mint (which I use for my homemade teas, kefir cheese (see post), etc)….and you can use this method for drying most all other types of herbs. I dry mint, basil, lemon leaves, bay leaves, sage, and rosemary this way =)

First, place the mint (with stems attached) in a pot of water and swish around to remove and dirt, insects, etc….


Then, lift a handful out of the water and place in a pasta strainer to drain. Repeat until all mint is strained. Line a large, shallow cardboard container or serving tray with a kitchen towel and place mint over the towel. Place the container outdoors (in a shady place) for about 2 hours, flip over the herbs, and leave for another two hours.


Bring the container inside and replace the damp kitchen towel with a clean dry one. Place the mint back on top, cover the mint with paper towels and store in a cool, dry place (like on a shelf) for about 2-3 weeks until mint and stems are completely dry.


Once they are completely shriveled and dry, place them (with their stems intact) into a glass jar. Keeping the stems intact allows their aroma to last longer.




Now, just find a happy home for them….here is part, yes part, of my spice cabinet storage! As you can see, I reuse glass mayonnaise jars for storing spices. Works perfectly! =) When you need to refill your spice bottle, just simply grab some from the jars. By drying and storing herbs this way, I find my herbs stay aromatic for a couple of years =)

Happy herb drying!

Wanita =)