Ciao! I’m Wanita….an American in Sicily!

First, what am I doing in Sicily you might ask?

Well, it’s a long, God sent story, but here’s the short version: I met my Sicilian husband on the Internet (I have no Italian blood in me whatsoever as far back as Adam and Eve); after a 3 month on line romance, Husband comes to California for the first time in his life to meet me; two weeks later we decide to get married; 6 months later I pack my bags and off I go to Sicily to plan our wedding (not knowing how to say a word in Italian!, and yes, I actually had my parent’s blessing….thinking back, I think they were desperate to marry me off!….. and here I am, 6 years later…….an American in Sicily!

I hope you enjoy this blog. Apart from learning a bit about my crazy self, you will find A LOT of information about different things….travel, crafts, organization, faith, recipes, life in Italy, a few Italian lessons, and in between a lot of stories! Some things you may already know or have discovered, and other things you just may be surprised to find out. And, I hope some of my posts will make you laugh! Life abroad has been a whole new world for me and I hope I can give you a wonderful glimpse of what happens here in my corner of the globe.

La dolce vita!

Wanita =)