As I was preparing lunch today, I was thinking of what I can make for dessert using left over fresh cherries I had bought at the mercato (street market) last week (….see my post!) . We love cream cheese and well, cherries go with cream cheese right? Right! Now, need something solid….solid….Swedish cookies! I had some left over from the last Ikea trip we took! You know those yummy ones with one side dipped in chocolate? Perfect! And so a trifle was born!


-1 cup of washed and pitted fresh cherries, cut in half

-1 cup of cream cheese

-1\4 cup of brown (cane) sugar

-Cookies of your choice, broken into a few pieces


Mix the cream cheese with the sugar. Add the cherries and mix just until incorporated.



In water glasses, place a few broken pieces of cookies at the bottom. Place a nice dollop of the cherry cream cheese mix on top. Repeat. Top with some more cookies.

That’s it…..


Wanita =)